just saw this commercial…

yeah, so, minus annoying Japanese comedian, we’ve got ourselves a crazy-maneuverable toy car that drives on walls, ceilings, chairs, tables, anything…


This badboy comes out in a week at a decent price of about $45… veeeeery tempting

Here’s an explanation from a rep. at the Tokyo International Toy Show


I got a greeeat present this week: a ‘robomop xp’

yeah, yeah.. you’re jealous.. it’s only natural. People are always talking about robots doing our bidding in the future but I’m already living the dream.
…well, before you start to imagine me sitting back in a leather chair and sipping bubbly while a robot picks crap out of my bearskin rug, we should take a step back and remember I said ‘mop’ not ‘vacuum’ :o)

When I opened the box, the first thing that struck me was that the frame (or Robo-exoskeleton as we call it in the business) weighed less than the cardboard box in came in…
but my disappointment soon disappeared when I realised what a wonderful piece of engineering I held in my hand.

Does anyone remember those ‘weasel balls’ that were all the rage (with cats), maybe.. 10 years ago?

Well, welcome to the 21st century…

…it’s now been turned into a robo-mop!
Simply make a really light, cheap plastic ring and attach some sort of tissue to the bottom of it. Then, in the middle of the ring, have some sort of cage to enclose the weasel ball so that while it flops, it mops!

Freakin’ brilliant

This website even labels it as ‘epoch-making’ :o)
I have a whole new appreciation for Norwegian technology now…

I totally want to name it…

that’s ma boy!

This word is just straight-up cute…

So the characters literally mean “grandchild’s hands”… can you guess the word?
It means ‘backscratcher’…
Now I’m just not sure if that’s simply really cute or if someone should be reporting it to child welfare :o)


Everybody has a key chain and/or cell phone straps in Japan. Most popular are anime characters and plush toys but there are also straps that looks exactly like pizza, potato chips, fried chicken… it’s a great way to advertise. Actually, I’ve even seen ones shaped like miniature blood bags with the person’s blood type written on it (in Japan blood type is equivalent to astrological signs in Western countries.) I won’t lie, there was a time when I really wanted to buy a strap shaped like golden poop haha

One thing that’s equally popular is touching things that are ‘kimochi ii’ (feel nice to touch). One company has been capitalizing on this lately with:

Infinite Edamame straps: enjoy the simple pleasures of popping beans out of their pod – forever.

Infinite Peri-peri: no need to destroy the environment with your fetish for peeling cardboard tabs from boxes.

and Infinite Puchi-puchi: why not pop bubble wrap forever?


btw, the same company also makes marble roller coasters. You can buy ones small enough to sit beside your computer at work or you can assemble ones massive enough to install in a mall. Here’s a medium-sized example…

I’ve found that my labret (a metallic part of me for nearly ten years, which makes me, like, .05% robocop) has recently become more of a bother than anything. It doesn’t help that nearly every workplace in Japan doesn’t allow them and that I’ve gotten many “ugh… it’s kinda scary” reactions here… but more importantly, I’m starting to forget the benefits of having one.

The labret…

It all started one day when, frustrated with a terribly infected eyebrow piercing, I decided to visit the nearby piercing shops for some advice. The best advice I got was “the piercer ****ed up.. I’ll give you a discount on something else.” Toss in a rumour that one of the guys working there had done time for murder and I just knew this was the place to have a 6” needle driven through my lower lip :o)

Well, I got a discounted labret and a piercing experience forever burned into my memory. I then managed to lose the end of the piercing within thirty minutes and, just because I’m a complete idiot, I decided to eat a big mac value meal, resulting in a chipped and cracked front tooth. Next time you see me open my mouth, take a look :o)

The better part of a decade and a good deal of gum erosion later, I’ve decided to join the other naked-chins of the world. Besides, if it ever came down to redoing it, the once bank-breaking $40 just doesn’t seem like all that much now that I’m no longer a starving student… or, at least, less of one…

What is life like without metal hanging from your chin? It’s a life I’m unfamiliar with but will have to nevertheless get used to…
With my cyborg days slowly slipping behind me, I decided to make a tribute to my stainless sidekick.

You may have made me look like the victim of a fishing trip gone awry but you were still my friend… here’s to you buddy.

hamma panchi!

Some robot anime from 1972-75…

First, Mazinger Z… meltin’ mofos with breast fire since ’72


and the metal version :o)


Getta Robo


Steel Jeeg


UFO Robo Grendizer

and the only prescription is http://www.morecowbell.dj

Pony – Ginuwine
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