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Seriously… c’mon… I’m sorry to make a post in such poor taste but this is insane…

this guy…


claims to have banged (literally) the most bada$$ helicopter ever?!

…and with it, all of my (formerly innocent) childhood memories…

this truly is a sad day :o(

Please, guys.. keep your wangs out of my childhood nostaglia


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We’re how many weeks into this flu craziness??

Unfortunately, I’ve had the TV on all the time, trying to take advantage of some free listening practice… but other than the relentless Proactiv® ad campaign (literally every commercial break during the daytime), I’m bombarded by news reports/flashes/updates about the next person to come from North America (LA and Vancouver are big hits) with a fever.

At first I thought, and honestly told other people, that Japan had a case of Swine/H1N1/whachatalkinboutWillis flu… then I saw the press conference announcing it was just your average, Joe-the-plumber flu. The next day when they announced another person arrived recently and possibly had the swine flu, it’s hard to take very seriously… low and behold, they confirmed it wasn’t the case in another equally publicized press conference.

Phew… Japan sleeps soundl–ohh wait, there’s another case… ohh, no it’s no–huh? another? nah, nevermind.

You can almost set your watch by it…
* ‘we’ve got the swine flu’ means it’s time for breakfast

* ‘nope, she just ate too much curry’… this press conferences usually come around dinner time

I even noticed some channels make reports via the emergency/earthquake alerts :-S

I was actually suffering from a bad case of ‘otitis externa’, esp. on Tuesday… lying on the sofa, trying not to die, I heard the earthquake alert tone… ‘ohh crap.. an earthquake? somebody really hates me..’.. then I see “the previously reported case of potential swine flu has been confirmed to be a normal case of the flu”

…the whole thing’s become half-hilarious, half-b*tch-worthy :o)

anyway, I just wanted to make that photo haha

so ending on a positive note, watch this hair putty commercial…

then check out the winner for ‘most humourous’ in the past Costume Grand Prix

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That’s it boyz (‘n girlz)… I’m on my way back after an all-too-long separation
Be sure to keep in touch via email, this, or facebook, as I’ll be phone-less for the next few weeks
…see you then!

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I got a greeeat present this week: a ‘robomop xp’

yeah, yeah.. you’re jealous.. it’s only natural. People are always talking about robots doing our bidding in the future but I’m already living the dream.
…well, before you start to imagine me sitting back in a leather chair and sipping bubbly while a robot picks crap out of my bearskin rug, we should take a step back and remember I said ‘mop’ not ‘vacuum’ :o)

When I opened the box, the first thing that struck me was that the frame (or Robo-exoskeleton as we call it in the business) weighed less than the cardboard box in came in…
but my disappointment soon disappeared when I realised what a wonderful piece of engineering I held in my hand.

Does anyone remember those ‘weasel balls’ that were all the rage (with cats), maybe.. 10 years ago?

Well, welcome to the 21st century…

…it’s now been turned into a robo-mop!
Simply make a really light, cheap plastic ring and attach some sort of tissue to the bottom of it. Then, in the middle of the ring, have some sort of cage to enclose the weasel ball so that while it flops, it mops!

Freakin’ brilliant

This website even labels it as ‘epoch-making’ :o)
I have a whole new appreciation for Norwegian technology now…

I totally want to name it…

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and the only prescription is http://www.morecowbell.dj

Pony – Ginuwine
(wordpress won’t let me embed the flash player, so you have to go directly)

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Well… another for the books…

Exactly two years ago I began a 20+ hour journey to Japan and somehow or other I still seem to be here.

I have little to add to that other than I found out that the glyph ‘2’ actually evolved from what the Japanese still use to represent the world’s only even prime. Just pretend all this text isn’t here and you’ll see what I’m talking about…

Now, it looks like my sights are set for the JLPT. My teacher gave me a talkin’ to and although level 2 isn’t the highest, if I’m able to buckle down and get through it then things will come together much easier next year. So, the race is on… doesn’t seem like much of a race when the finish line is five months away but having to memorize 6000 words and 1000 kanji alone is formidable enough… meh…

On a side note, yeah, it’s no secret that the BBC Planet Earth series rocks my world (it’s a purely platonic relationship, however…).
Anyhow, the most recent one I saw was ‘Caves’.

Yeah, some people find caves useful for illustrating truth, reality and all that jibba-jabba but, scholarly rhetoric aside, there’s no denying caves are just bad-ass cool :o)

Now first, let me direct your attention to this to see just how many childhood memories were trampled in the first few minutes of the documentary haha

(yeah, I had one when I was a kid… whatever, shut up…)

…and on a side note, I still haven’t learned my lesson not to eat while watching these. I found myself dining on pork while watching countless cockroaches dining on a mountain of bat dung…
you’ve been warned haha

And with that, here’s the full episode… around the end you might be led to believe that nothing will top how wicked Troglobites are… but the cave at the end is straight out of a sci-fi movie.

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lots o’ blah

So just a few days ago I found out the name of a song I’d heard countless times last year. But first, imagine you’re eating pasta with friends in family restaurant and you hear:

“I’m stuck on p***y and yours is right … ‘cause p***y is p***y and baby you’re p***y for life.”

…or picture yourself sitting down to wait for your hamburger meal at a fast food restaurant (yes, they have cushioned chairs for waiting customers here) and you hear:

“I see you windin’ and grindin’ up on that pole … I wanna f**k you, you already know.”


Well, as you may have already guessed, these are the lyrics from Akon’s cerebral classic ‘I want to f**k you’, and those are some examples of how I became acquainted with it. It’s one of the benefits of living in a country that is obsessed with a language it doesn’t quite understand… often you get caught off guard with those sorts of things. It reminds me of a time when I was teaching at my old school. There was always a constant stream of music being played but unfortunately it was just that “you’re beautiful” guy and Maria Carey. Anyway, while doing a lesson I heard:

“let the p***y oooooout! beat that p***y! beat that p***y! eat that p***y! eat that p***y!”

… but the students just thought they did something wrong when I burst into laughter… and they didn’t pay me enough to explain what was so funny :o)

Anyway, my first semester of school has finished! I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my Japanese along with a significant decline in English-osity. Maybe I should be posting here more often before I have to resort to getures haha

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