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Although I still crave pizza now and then, I’ve been having a lot more Donburi cravings lately…
So, here are some Donburi-related words I found funny…
Can you guess the ingredients?

First, in the top-left, is parent-child donburi (oyakodon)

The second one is called ‘tanindon’, or, ‘stranger donburi’

And while you’re thinking, here’s a nutty vid from ニコニコ動画


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that’s ma boy!

This word is just straight-up cute…

So the characters literally mean “grandchild’s hands”… can you guess the word?
It means ‘backscratcher’…
Now I’m just not sure if that’s simply really cute or if someone should be reporting it to child welfare :o)

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round up!

I was thinking that if I come across kanji (compounds) I like, I might as well post some instead of secretly emailing them to friends :o)
Well, let’s start with:

It means “round (up)”…
so, why is that interesting? Well, it’s basically an abbreviated 4-step algorithm: the kanji, in order, are:

four, discard, five, enter

There’s just something terribly geeky about the word for ’rounding’ actually being its own instructions. Ohh the simple pleasures of nerdery we sacrificed in adopting our empty phonetic alphabet :o)

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