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I haven’t been here long enough to know if this is a new trend or not but I’ve definitely noticed a lot of “men’s” food this year.

…it all started one day in a convenience store when I noticed Men’s Yogurt Drink. At first, I wondered “who the hell’d wanna drink men’s yogurt??” Then I wondered who’d buy it… if people had some sort of complex about drinking dairy… and finally, what it tasted like :o)
I never ended up buying it but the next time I was shopping I noticed Men’s Red Bean Bun… and so it continued: Men’s Kimchi, Men’s Custard Bun, Men’s Custard, Men’s Parfait, Men’s Soba.. and even Men’s Doritos haha (which I tried… they weren’t so great).

Yeah, so Japan is ranked 98th (WEF2008) in terms of gender equality (just squeaking past champions of gender egalitarianism like Paraguay, Nigeria, and Kuwait)… but come on now… what the hell is a man’s parfait? haha

Just look at the ad for Men’s Bikkle (yogurt drink)


That’s some manly, bulgy muscle, cowboy s**t! :o)
…there you have it folks… dairy’s the new whiskey


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