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After watching all 10 seasons of MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000), it may be possible to convince oneself that there can’t be many more good ‘bad’ movies left out there. Yes, there are still some gems that come out of Asia like Riki-Oh but those seem few and far between. And the search for a great ‘bad’ movie can cause one to resort to the most desperate measures… why else would someone watch Turkish Star Wars countless times despite there being no subtitles? But I don’t think my desperation is anything unusual… there’s no shortage of mock b-movies and recently I was slightly disappointed to find out what I thought was amazingly bad acting was actually from a comedy movie (Italian Spider Man), trying to be bad. Yeah, it was funny… but it’s not the same…

A ‘bad’ movie is usually only enjoyable if the people behind it did it in earnest. Ed Wood is probably the most popular example. If the movie bearing his name is at least somewhat accurate, the guy certainly couldn’t be faulted for his passion for making movies. I also find that many great movies are made by the local ‘Joe Blow’ with a persistent vision. Add this together with a restricted budget and you’ve got yourself the makings of something original. It’s the only time a director would let actors dress as aliens from the neck up and try to hid their bodies behind bushes. It’s the only time an actor would be forced to play the dual role of an attacking non-mechanical octopus and its victim. It’s the only time actors are killed off so they can play other roles within the movie. It’s the only time carpets can become monsters. And it’s the only time someone would black-out half the image to show the bad guy has been cut in half haha

But, of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and I’d like to thank Robert Rodriguez for keeping movie-watching fun. This is the guy that went from making El Mariachi on $7000 with no training to landing the Sin City trilogy. If that wasn’t enough to win someone over, after watching Planet Terror tonight, I think I’m going to be keeping a closer eye out for his films from now on. I can’t remember the last time I’ve watched such an end-to-end entertaining film.

Why does a guy take a break from Sin City to make a mock b-movie? Well, because he can haha… and he loves movies. And with all of his accomplishments, it’s easy to forget that he failed to get into film school. Of course, he doesn’t seem to have any regrets…

“Does anybody here know how to write? No – good. Everyone else writes the same way. Start writing your way. That makes you unique. You can take writing classes, that’s good, but don’t bother to go to film school or you’ll be making films like everybody else. We want to see your film.”
Robert Rodriguez’s 10-minute film school

I can’t say the thought isn’t tempting… (more…)


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