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…just to show that Ronald McDonald isn’t the only victim of video mixing & mashing, here’s (former) Prime Minister Fukuda’s resignation to the tune of Gourmet Race (Kirby’s stage in Super Smash Bros.)…


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One of my favourite Japanese comedians (that I can understand at this point) is Tomonori Jinnai. I just finished watching a bunch of his videos but unfortunately not many of them are subtitled. Still, this one had me tearing up :o)

I was first introduced to him last year through this video:

In his skits everyone speaks in a strong Kansai/Osaka dialect, which makes it even more amusing… unfortunately that sort of thing can’t really be expressed through subtitles. Anyway, I swear I’ll try to subtitle his stuff on youtube sometime if someone else doesn’t beat me to the punch. So if you like his stuff, be sure to get on my case about it :o)

Anyway… you can tell this weekend hasn’t been very productive haha

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just ’cause…

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ran ran ruuuuu!

…just blew at least an hour watching a Japanese Ronald McDonald doing dozens of schizophrenic song covers…

so let’s start with a few to get you warmed up…

and maybe something more familiar

now some video games…

Dragon Quest


Mother 2

and then we move on to anime…

and some thrown in randomly

and just because I like the anime…

I’m exhausted…

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