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Well, Sunday is drawing near and that means it’s time to get excited again about sumo. The May tournament is held in Tokyo but thankfully I can still watch for free on my TV or cell phone :o)

Anyway, I don’t have much else to say other than that I’m looking forward to Asashoryu kicking ass and taking his second title in a row.

And as proof of sumo’s awesomeness, I’ll leave you with these…

btw, the authour of those videos has lots of other interesting stuff on his site


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Beeru CM

When you think about celebrities doing commercials in Japan, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is Homer’s dish detergent or Bill Murray’s commercial in Lost in Translation… a-ring-a-ding-ding. Well, I’ve just wasted a good part of my day looking at old Japanese commercials… but there really are too many. So, since the most well-known parody is probably the whiskey commercial in Lost in Translation, the theme here is alcohol :o)

Gene Hackman

Mel Gibson

Lee Van freakin’ Cleef!



Keanu Reeves… whoa

Sean “You’re the man now dog” Connery

and with a bit of a music theme…


Duran Duran

Bob James, his maid, and a whole lot of awesome

and even Plácido Domingo!

and for an added touch…

The Hulkster!

Arnold… who could really have his own theme… this guy has tonnes of hilarious commercials

and what is possibly the greatest commercial ever (starring Jennifer Connelly)

…a lot of these were found on callfromthepast3’s Youtube account. That’s probably the best place to start if you wanna find more old Japanese commercials.

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