Seriously… c’mon… I’m sorry to make a post in such poor taste but this is insane…

this guy…


claims to have banged (literally) the most bada$$ helicopter ever?!

…and with it, all of my (formerly innocent) childhood memories…

this truly is a sad day :o(

Please, guys.. keep your wangs out of my childhood nostaglia



We’re how many weeks into this flu craziness??

Unfortunately, I’ve had the TV on all the time, trying to take advantage of some free listening practice… but other than the relentless Proactiv® ad campaign (literally every commercial break during the daytime), I’m bombarded by news reports/flashes/updates about the next person to come from North America (LA and Vancouver are big hits) with a fever.

At first I thought, and honestly told other people, that Japan had a case of Swine/H1N1/whachatalkinboutWillis flu… then I saw the press conference announcing it was just your average, Joe-the-plumber flu. The next day when they announced another person arrived recently and possibly had the swine flu, it’s hard to take very seriously… low and behold, they confirmed it wasn’t the case in another equally publicized press conference.

Phew… Japan sleeps soundl–ohh wait, there’s another case… ohh, no it’s no–huh? another? nah, nevermind.

You can almost set your watch by it…
* ‘we’ve got the swine flu’ means it’s time for breakfast

* ‘nope, she just ate too much curry’… this press conferences usually come around dinner time

I even noticed some channels make reports via the emergency/earthquake alerts :-S

I was actually suffering from a bad case of ‘otitis externa’, esp. on Tuesday… lying on the sofa, trying not to die, I heard the earthquake alert tone… ‘ohh crap.. an earthquake? somebody really hates me..’.. then I see “the previously reported case of potential swine flu has been confirmed to be a normal case of the flu”

…the whole thing’s become half-hilarious, half-b*tch-worthy :o)

anyway, I just wanted to make that photo haha

so ending on a positive note, watch this hair putty commercial…

then check out the winner for ‘most humourous’ in the past Costume Grand Prix


A number of years ago I watched a great little movie called The Happiness of the Katakuris. The best character by far was “Richaardo” (aka Richard), better known in real life as Kiyoshiro Imawano.

(the guy in the marine uniform)

Although he’s done a number of solo albums, he’s possibly better known, at least in Japan, as the vocalist for RC Succession and The Timers.
Unfortunately, early this morning he passed away from lymphatic cancer.
This is a short tribute to his 40-year rock career…


Daydream believer

Transistor Radio


Mitsubishi Commercial

Kirin Beer Commercial

君が代 (his version of the Japanese national anthem)


あこがれの北朝鮮 (song about North Korea)


Stand by me

That’s it boyz (‘n girlz)… I’m on my way back after an all-too-long separation
Be sure to keep in touch via email, this, or facebook, as I’ll be phone-less for the next few weeks
…see you then!


I haven’t been here long enough to know if this is a new trend or not but I’ve definitely noticed a lot of “men’s” food this year.

…it all started one day in a convenience store when I noticed Men’s Yogurt Drink. At first, I wondered “who the hell’d wanna drink men’s yogurt??” Then I wondered who’d buy it… if people had some sort of complex about drinking dairy… and finally, what it tasted like :o)
I never ended up buying it but the next time I was shopping I noticed Men’s Red Bean Bun… and so it continued: Men’s Kimchi, Men’s Custard Bun, Men’s Custard, Men’s Parfait, Men’s Soba.. and even Men’s Doritos haha (which I tried… they weren’t so great).

Yeah, so Japan is ranked 98th (WEF2008) in terms of gender equality (just squeaking past champions of gender egalitarianism like Paraguay, Nigeria, and Kuwait)… but come on now… what the hell is a man’s parfait? haha

Just look at the ad for Men’s Bikkle (yogurt drink)


That’s some manly, bulgy muscle, cowboy s**t! :o)
…there you have it folks… dairy’s the new whiskey

It’s-a me! Mario!

Boss coffee has a great deal… buy some canned coffee at regular price, get miniature racing Mario Kart characters!


As you can see, I was also a willing victim during their Transformers summer campaign :o)

Anyway, back to the books… it’s crunch time :-S


Although I still crave pizza now and then, I’ve been having a lot more Donburi cravings lately…
So, here are some Donburi-related words I found funny…
Can you guess the ingredients?

First, in the top-left, is parent-child donburi (oyakodon)

The second one is called ‘tanindon’, or, ‘stranger donburi’

And while you’re thinking, here’s a nutty vid from ニコニコ動画